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Wild Rider

4 Knot Sidepull Halter with rings - "KINGFISHER”

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Please Note...

Our 4 knot rope halters can run a little smaller in fit, this is due to the extra knots on the noseband taking up extra room. If your horse is on the larger end of a size (eg a large Cob, we recommend purchasing a size Full) if you have any concerns about sizing I'd be happy to help 😊 Our model Corey is a 15.3hh TB x SH wearing a size Full.

Equipped with two stainless steel rings, one on each side knot to attach your reins too. 

Make your cues clearer, sharper and precise ...

Our 4 Knot Rope Halters are crafted with soft, yet durable 8mm double braided rope, tied with the famous Fiador knot and two noseband knots. Rope halters are a tool you can use every day.

It's totally personal preference if you choose to have a standard rope halter or one with two extra noseband knots. Depending on your horse and how sensitive they are to your cues may play a part in your decision. Having a 4 Knot Halter will put slightly more pressure on the horse's face than a standard halter.

If you don't own a rope halter or haven't used one... you're missing out. They allow you to be soft with your cues while your horse feels them easily.

But be  careful, you might get addicted and find yourself needing a dozen or more halters for one horse.... (I'm totally not guilty of this.. 👀)

Handmade in Australia ...

Every part of this stunning rope halter is born and bred in our beautiful country. The rope itself is braided in Australia, and all rope products are made by me.The rope has a soft touch which only gets better with use.

Rope that's designed to take a beating from us equestrians ...

Our rope is made to take a beating from us (we deserve it). You'll find it's soft, durable and super strong. It's colourfast, hand-washable, UV resistant and long-lasting, too.

Be Mindful: Never leave a horse wearing a rope halter unattended; although the rope is strong and soft, it will not break should the horse get caught with it on.  

Note: Colours may vary due to lighting and differences in dye batches.