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How do I know if my rug fits properly?

When first trying on your rug, ensure your horse is clean or fit the rug over a clean cotton rug to ensure the rug stays clean in case you need to exchange it for a different size. Do not remove or damage any tags until you are certain your rug fits.

The rug should fit high above the withers and should not slide back as the horse moves. 

When the straps are buckled, the shape of the rug should not be distorted around the neckline or along the back.

You should be able to fit a hands width between the rug and your horse above the wither and all of the way around to the shoulder.

Belly surcingles should be adjusted so there is a hand width distance between the horses body and the cross of the straps.

The seam at the back of the rug, where the tail flap is attached should sit at the top of the horses tail. 

The neck rug should cover the whole neck without rubbing on the base of the horses ears.


For more information, visit the Bow Horse FAQ's page here

Bow Horse Rug Size Guide

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