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I Rock N Ride Bluetooth Saddle Speaker

I Rock N Ride Bluetooth Saddle Speaker

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I Rock N Ride Bluetooth Saddle Speaker

Are you one of those people who loves listening to music or podcasts when riding? Or perhaps be able to take calls, send and receive messages without the hassle of having earphones and having to use your phone every 2 minutes? Or do you have trouble understanding what your coach is yelling at you?

Designed in the USA by an equestrian named Leah Lane is the 'I Rock N Ride' Speaker, the world's first and only smartphone integrated, Bluetooth® Speaker for any riding style. Whether it be riding your horse, getting a lesson, riding a bike or taking your pooch for a walk, the IRNR speaker is small and easy to attach to almost anything and any style of saddle, bike handlebars or even to your dog's harness! 

Simple to use

The sound from the speaker is directional, meaning it will project the sound in the direction it is facing on one side to be sure you're not blasting your horse's ears or distracting other riders. The small speaker is equipped with 5 buttons for ease of use. Just activate your hands-free prompts on your phone and you're all set! Still want to use earphones? The IRNR Speaker is also equipped with an aux input just in case.


You're probably wondering "What if it gets dusty? Or gets rained on?", remember it has been designed for equestrians, so don't stress if you get caught in light rain on a trail ride.


The IRNR Speaker is rechargeable! Simply plug it into any USB outlet, wait an hour and voila! You've earned yourself another 6 hours of rock time! 

Get the most out of your lessons

Having lessons with your IRNR speaker is THE BEST, I don't know about you, but if you ask anyone who knows me, no one can ever yell loud enough for me to hear them when I'm riding. With I Rock N Ride, you can be on a call with your instructor and be able to communicate easily and clearly. So say goodbye to yelling which isn't good for anyone or the horses. 

The mute button on the speaker will also allow you to mute your microphone, you may want to do this if you don't want your coach to hear your heavy breathing or the weird and one-sided conversations you have with your horse. 

Awesome for big groups

Because IRNR operates with phone calls to phone calls, you can talk to multiple people and with virtually unlimited distance between you, great if you're doing a trail ride if you ask me!

(Normal cell phone calls allow up to 5 callers at once, if you want more you can download free apps which allow you to use their conference call service) This is great if you are part of a clinic, on a farm with other riders out of hearing distance, or even for a mounted drill team with no screaming needed!


🎵 Speaker size =  Approx. 9cm  x  4cm

🎵 Strap length = 50cm (can be cut shorter to suit your needs)

🎵 Weight = 80grams

Included with speaker

🎵 One utility strap to secure your IRNR Speaker anywhere

🎵 Auxiliary Cable

🎵 USB Charging Cable

🎵 Instructions

Additional straps are available in solid colours or prints sold separately (coming soon)


Always remember to ride safely ♡


Made for equestrians, by an equestrian.

You find Leah's story here☞

Photos By Hoofbeatz Audio® 

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Customer Reviews

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Beck B.

Best in the Biz love my speaker :)

Beck B.

Absolute ripper of a device LOVE IT 👌👌🫶55356,

Beck B.

Absolute ripper of a device LOVE IT 👌👌🫶55356,