Your Guide to Neck Rope Sizing

Stuck on what size neck rope you need? We got you... 

Choosing a neck rope size based off guess work can be a little difficult, which is why we will walk you through the steps to making sure you get the right size for your horse. 

Step 1...

The first thing you're going to want to do is grab 3 items;

  1. A piece of ribbon, string or bailing twine will do the trick or even a lead rope - we sell those too ;)
  2. A tape measure.
  3. Your beautiful model of a horse/s

Step 2...

Put your lead rope / string around your horse's neck, making sure it comes to the middle of your horses chest and all the way around their withers. 

If you like you can tie your string together to get a feel for the length as if you were riding with it and adjust accordingly. Maybe even ride your horse with it on to see if that's the right length for you.

Congratulations, now you've made your own neck rope!! Just kidding.

Step 3...

Now that you've got the length you want, lay the string out on the ground. Next, grab your measuring tape and measure the length / circumference and compare it to our sizes below! If your horse is between sizes, simply pick the one that feels right to you, its totally personal preference! 

If you feel you need a specific size, let us know in the comments of your order or contact us here to confirm.






130cm 51"


145cm 57"


160cm 63"


175cm 69"
Your Guide to Neck Rope Sizing

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