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Beeswax Blue Balls - Seedy Toe and White Line Disease

Beeswax Blue Balls - Seedy Toe and White Line Disease

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Perfect for SEEDY TOE and white line disease

Got a stubborn crack that just won't go away? Maybe you've tried spraying iodine in it but the hole in the hoof is just the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dirt.

Look no further, we've got you.

Bare Equine's Beeswax Blue Balls are the ultimate powerball for fixing all problems related to; Seedy Toe, White Line distortions and resections/cracks in horses and other hooved animals. 

Easy, mess-free and compact

Developed by hoof care professionals from Bare Equine, after having experimented with too many gooey and messy products that just weren't doing the job, the Beeswax Balls were the most convenient size and can be broken into smaller pieces depending on how much you need. (ball sizes are approx 13mm)

Say goodbye to those messy concoctions you've tried to shove in the cracks. Keep a jar of Beeswax Blue Balls in your hoof care bag whether you're a farrier or a horse owner. 

Directions for Application

Firstly, clean out the infected area of the hoof. Then, break apart the desired amount of the beeswax ball and roll into a ball. Firmly push the wax into the hole with your hoof pick or finger. The use of gloves is recommended when using this product. Do not eat. Keep away from children and animals. Store below 25ºC.

Make sure your hooves are CLEAN and DRY before applying the product. The Natural oils and the beeswax in the balls REPEL moisture so will not stick thoroughly if the area is moist


Made with Pure Beeswax, Natural Oils (NO PETROLEUM), Bluestone (aka copper sulphate), and Essential Oils.

Colour and consistency may vary slightly from batch to batch. 



International Shipping

Please note that at this stage we are unable to send Bare Equine products outside of Australia at this time... Hopefully we can soon!

We apologise for the inconvenience ♡ 

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie B.

Great stuff!!! Easy to apply and stays in there even in wet weather. Very happy