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Bare Equine

Beeswax Pink Balls - Thrush and Debris Management

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Got Thrush? Use Pink Balls

Bare Equine's Pink Balls have been developed to help keep your horse's hooves free from moisture and debris that gets stuck in the crevices of the collateral grooves around the frog, as well as in the central sulcus. 

Even if you've gotten on top of thrush problems, but still have those deep crevices where moisture and debris accumulates, you can continue to smear the pink wax balls deep in those areas. This will help block any pathogens whilst releasing the thrush-targeting ingredients. 

Directions for Application

Firstly, clean out the infected area/s of the hoof. Then, break apart the desired amount of the beeswax ball and roll into a ball. Firmly spread the wax into the cracks with your finger. Do not eat. Keep away from children and animals. Store below 25ºC.

Make sure your hooves are CLEAN and DRY before applying the product. The Natural oils and the beeswax in the balls REPEL moisture so will not stick thoroughly if the area is moist


PINK Balls are a mixture of Bare Equine's favourite Clays, along with Zinc Oxide and Essential Oils - all wrapped into their unique Beeswax Base. They are malleable and stay put right up into the crevices that you smear them in.

Colour and consistency may vary slightly from batch to batch. 

Made from all natural cosmetic grade ingredients.