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Braid Bee-Have

Braid Bee-Have

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Make those braids bee-have...

With Buzz Balm's all-natural beeswax braiding balm

Braiding wax that's soft, creamy and an all-natural balm for horses.

Braid Bee-have has a strong holding and smoothing ability as well as is weather-resistant to fight against humidity and frizzies.

Buzz Balm's braiding wax maintains flexibility and allows the hair to move with the horse, With enough 'tack' to ensure smooth plaits, braids & bands every time, the braiding balm sets quickly to give a beautiful shine, leaving a clean looking mane or tail - with no flaking or white waxy residue like most.

Available in clear or black, this braiding wax can have an original scent (very subtle natural beeswax scent) or be scented with lavender essential oil. 

Black Braid Bee-have tinted braiding wax is the ultimate game-changer for black manes. Not only offering superior hold and taming abilities, the all-natural black pigment colours any dirt at the roots, creating a clean and super slick show-worthy finish in black manes. 

How to apply...

Simply remove the lid, push up a little of the braiding wax stick from the base and rub onto the horse's mane or tail. 

For mane rosettes...

Apply Braid Bee-have to the roots of the mane, brush the braiding wax through the section and plait as normal. Apply more as required with a focus on the root section. The superior flexibility and hold allows you to work the braiding balm through the entire plait while still being able to shape the mane. 

For running braids...

We suggest you apply braiding balm to fingers and work into the plait or alternatively apply the braiding wax directly to the plait and not the roots. Apply more as required.

How to remove: Being a beeswax-based balm, we suggest washing the mane with shampoo. However there is no harm in leaving it in the mane, and it may even provide protection against drying heat.  

 Photos provided by Buzz Balms Austalia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathleen W.
Show must have

Awesome stuff for annoying fly always. Love the lavender scented one and super handy for quick, neat braids.

S p.

Terrific holds well