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MASEGO horsewear

Braided sidepull

Braided sidepull

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Choose browband for your bridle by putting the browband you want in the cart. Use code MIXMATCH in the checkout 💎

If you don't pic a browband we will choose one for you ✨

Our Braided sidepull is a bitless bridle with a braided nosepiece. The craftsmanship on this bridle is hard to describe. We guarantee it´s a game-changer for all bitless bridles.

Made of high quality Italian leather. 

Soft padding on the neckpiece and cutback for the ears on the horse. 

Reins are sold separately. 

How to fit your sidepull ✨

No.1 Nosalbone ☠️

Horses have a quite thin nosalbone and you don't want to put pressure on the tip of it. You can feel with your fingers where the bone gets thicker. You can place the noseband just above that point.

No.2 Cheekbone ☠️

No pressure wanted here either. The area between no.1 and no.2 is where you want your nosband to be. 

Adjust the noseband to make sure the sides are a few fingers under the cheekbone. 

The bridle should have a steady fit, but with good room for your horse to open it's mouth and yawn or grab a snack along the way 🥱🌱

 Photos of black PRE Curre and grey PRE Nocco by Andrea Kuhners Säterskog @spiritandhiscrew


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