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Halo 4 Knot Halter - "KINGFISHER"

Halo 4 Knot Halter - "KINGFISHER"

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Ring Hardware

The 4 Knot HALO HALTER - not your average rope halter


Please Note...

Our 4 knot rope halters can run a little smaller in fit, this is due to the extra knots on the noseband taking up extra room. If your horse is on the larger end of a size (eg a large Cob, we recommend purchasing a size Full) if you have any concerns about sizing I'd be happy to help 😊

Like our Standard 4 knot halters, but better...

Our Halo halters are designed with movement in mind, often when training with your horse, normal rope halters can sometimes twist when pressure is applied to the lead rope.

Not with our Halo Halter, which features a brass or stainless (you choose) ring under the chin instead of your typical fiador knot. The best thing about this halter is that the ring slides 180° degrees under the chin, creating lateral pressure on the cheek rather than pulling from the chin causing the halter to twist.

This halter is a Game Changer.

Our rope is soft, durable and super strong. It's colourfast, hand-washable, UV resistant and long-lasting, too.

Be Mindful...
Never leave a horse wearing a rope halter unattended; although the rope is strong and soft, it will not break should the horse get caught with it on.  
Colours may vary due to lighting and differences in dye batches.
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