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Bow Horse

Liner Rug - 100gsm

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The ultimate tool in weather adaptability. Simply add or remove a suitable weight liner rug to combat any season and any weather. Our liner rugs have a tailored fit and an adjustable front velcro strap to allow matching to any adjustments made to the outer rug. Simple to attach and detach with a loop velcro attachment on each side of the neck and clips at the back. Combine these liners with our outer rugs to create a anywhere from a 100g - 500 gsm heavy weight rug.

Liner Rug Specifications

- 100g or 250gsm breathable fibre filling
- Anti-rub lining
- Shoulder gusset
- Adjustable front strap
- Four connection points to the outer rug, 2 velcro loop attachments on the neck and 2 snap clip connections to the tail cord D-rings.
- Filling of the rug embroidered next to the chest clips for easy identification
- Fleece lined wither pad

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