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Wild Rider

Long Loop Rein - Flat Braid - "MOONSTONE"

Long Loop Rein - Flat Braid - "MOONSTONE"

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Made for Long Reining...

These gorgeous loop reins are equipped with a stainless steel or brass snap on each end for quick and easy attachment to your bit.

The specified length is the overall length (not just one rein)

Made from a beautiful and soft 12mm double braided rope with the core pulled, then ironed flat to give it that nice light feel in your hands. 

Handmade in Australia ...

The rope itself is braided in Australia, and all rope products are made by me.Rope that's designed to take a beating from us equestrians ...

Our rope is made to take a beating from us (we deserve it). You'll find it's soft, durable and super strong. It's colourfast, hand-washable, UV resistant and long-lasting, too.

 Custom Length ...

If you are in need of a custom length, contact us here so we can get in touch and make you exactly what you need ♡


Colors may vary due to lighting and differences in dye batches.

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