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Wild Rider

Loop Reins - "JUNGLE"

Loop Reins - "JUNGLE"

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Loop Reins

These gorgeous loop reins are equipped with a stainless steel snap on each end for quick and easy attachment to your bit, should you need to quickly unclip your reins or use them on a different bridle/halter.

Made from a beautiful 12mm double braided rope with a gorgeous sheen and a colour combination.

Handmade in Australia ...

The rope itself is braided in Australia, and all rope products are made by me.The rope has a soft touch which only gets better with use.

Rope that's designed to take a beating from us equestrians ...

Our rope is made to take a beating from us (we deserve it). You'll find it's soft, durable and super strong. It's colourfast, hand-washable, UV resistant and long-lasting, too.

 Custom Length ...

If you are in need of a custom length, contact us here so we can get in touch and make you exactly what you need ♡


Colors may vary due to lighting and differences in dye batches.

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    Ruby B.
    Great quality

    Great quality, soft but durable and good clips. The colour is gorgeous