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Odessa Bonita Multi bridle - Brasshooks for the bit

Odessa Bonita Multi bridle - Brasshooks for the bit

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The Odessa Bonita is based on our original Odessa multi bridle but with some minor adjustments to make the fit even more perfect. 

When riding bitless with the Odessa Bonita you can choose to place your reins in two different places depending on what effect you would like. Se pictures for example.

The Odessa Bonita multi bridle:

- It's made of high quality Italian leather

- Brass details

- Removable adjustable bitstraps with brasshooks 

- Transforms into a sidepull when you reattach the bitstraps

- Soft padded sides and neck

- Neck piece has a deep cut for the ears

- Browband of your own choice is included - simply put the browband you want for your bridle in the cart and use the code: MIXMATCH in the checkout 💎

Available in brown leather, size pony - cob - full. 

More sizes and Odessa Bonita in black leather is on its way! 

Measurements (see picture)

Reins are sold separately.



No.1. 91-115 cm

No.2. 65-75 cm

No.3. 36-49 cm


No.1. 84-106 cm

No.2. 61-70 cm

No.3. 34-47 cm


No.1. 76-97cm

No.2. 57-64 cm

No.3. 28-41 cm


Mini.  Shetty.  Pony.  Cob.  Full.   


Mini.  Shetty.  Pony.  Cob.  Full.   


Mini.  Shetty.  Pony.  Cob.  Full.   



 First photo by @fotografjennyabrahamsson


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