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Hairy Pony

Original Brush Kit

Original Brush Kit

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Our Hairy Pony Brush Kit is a horse grooming kit including four bespoke, hand-crafted brushes & a Hairy Pony Gift Bag.

Our Hairy Pony Body Brush is handmade using high-quality beechwood, with natural fibre bristles. The padded handle adds softness & bespoke gold details give a luxurious finish. The bristles are flexible but packed tightly to ensure a thorough coat clean with every use.

Our Hairy Pony Dandy Brush is hand-crafted using high-quality beechwood, with stiff synthetic bristles - perfect for brushing legs & removing dried mud. The padded leather handle adds softness & bespoke gold details give a luxurious finish.

Our Hairy Pony Face Brush is handmade with high-quality beechwood & pure wool bristles. Incredibly soft & decadent, this brush is perfect for brushing sensitive areas such as the face. The padded leather handle adds softness & our signature gold details give a luxurious finish to match your collection.

Our Hairy Pony Mane & Tail Brush is the ultimate brush for mane & tail care. Smooth metal bristles minimise hair breakage when brushing out stubborn knots. The ergonomic handmade beechwood handle ensures a secure pad & bristles, in addition to being comfortable, easy to grip & a beautiful addition to your grooming kit.

The Hairy Pony Brush Kit includes:


Brush Care

Our brushes are made with exceptional quality materials to give you & your horse the best grooming experience possible. Our brush handles are hand-crafted with beechwood which is both durable & beautiful when properly maintained long term.

Please visit our Brush Care page to learn more about how to care for your Hairy Pony brushes.

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