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Overlay Halter - "BLACK BASALT X BAHAMA"

Overlay Halter - "BLACK BASALT X BAHAMA"

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You'll be the envy of the equestrian world - and your horse will look dapper - with our Overlay Halter.

Crafted with extra soft 8mm double braided rope and your choice of 12mm rope for the noseband, this halter allows you to communicate subtle cues while keeping your horse comfortable.

But be warned, it's so good you might find yourself hoarding 6+ of them! No judgement here!

Designing your Halter, and any other extras.

  • Firstly, decide which colours you'd like; for the base halter, and the overlay/s.

To do this you can either;

  • find the product with the combination already made (e.g. Rose Gold X Kingfisher)
  • or, if you can't find the colour combo you're after, you can choose a standard halter with no overlay, then add a noseband and/or poll overlay to your cart.

Noseband Overlays

Poll Overlays

  • Next, decide if you want a poll overlay (aka "poll Padding"). Poll overlays can help you get even tension on both pieces of rope over your horses head, and make it easier to sit more comfortably, (and it slides) ultimately the choice is yours!
  • Treat your horse to a personalised halter by adding a leather name tag (much like a popper on a lead rope). Show off your horse's personality, and with a custom tag - there's no more confusing whose halter belongs to who! (And it's a much more stylish alternative than a Sharpie!)

Add a name tag here

Paracord Ranger Beads

Add a touch of flair to your halter with these Ranger beads! These accents will be sure to catch eyes and turn heads. Who knew a little detail could make such a big difference?

Add Paracord Ranger Beads

Fitting and Sizing

Rope halters are very forgiving when it comes to sizing, depending on how tight you tie the halter up will change the height the halter sits on the horse.

To determine how tight you tie the halter over the poll, simply ensure that the noseband knots are sitting just below the cheek bones, (not too low or this will hurt your horse's nasal bone).

Also ensure that the jaw pieces sit behind the jaw (where the throatlatch would on a bridle).

Here is a great article on fitting and tying a rope halter properly.

(Quick Read)

If you need a smaller or larger size than what is in the diagram below, please let us know and we will make whatever size you need!

About our rope

Our Rope is proudly made in Australia, with a range of fun colour combinations designed by us so you can create your perfect tack set-up!

Our rope is UV protected, colourfast, and hand-washable, so you can keep it looking and feeling fresh no matter what! It's also super soft to the touch yet extremely strong.

Please Note...
Colours may vary due to lighting and differences in dye batches.

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An Essential part of your horse's safety...

Experience peace of mind knowing our leather tabs are designed to break in the case of your horse getting caught or becoming panicked when tied, plus... they look kinda cute ♡