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Hairy Pony

Quarter Mark Horse Comb

Quarter Mark Horse Comb

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Our HAIRY PONY QTR MARK COMB is the perfect tool to create crisp, clean quarter marks in 3 distinct sizes. Our comb features super-fine, stainless steel teeth to ensure your are not left with lines in your patterns, or broken & bent teeth. 

The distinctive purple colour makes the HAIRY PONY QTR MARK COMB easy to find in your tack box. The small comb measures 2.5cm, medium 6.5cm & large 10cm.

Create your signature look today! 


Unfold your HAIRY PONY QTR MARK COMB & choose the appropriate size of the comb(s) to create your desired quarter marks. Use your HAIRY PONY QTR MARK COMB to create crisp, clean quarter marks, from checkers to sharks teeth & intricate designs. Spray generously with HAIRY PONY SHIMMER SPRAY for a show-stopping, high-impact finish.

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