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Wild Rider

Ranger Beads - ADD ON

Ranger Beads - ADD ON

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Paracord Ranger Beads

Ranger beads are gorgeous ways to spice up your average halter, by adding that little. bit of extra detail.

As you probably know, our paracord halters are already equiped with ranger beads however these are for those of you who would like them on any other halter.

These beads can be slid up and down the side to best position them, but don't worry, they wont slid around unless you give them a gentle tug.

We have quite a range of paracord colours in stock, if you would like to know if we have anything specific please contact us. remember, you can have a few different colours if you like.

Note; these are purchased as singles, if you would like x3 on each side (as shown in the picture) you will need to purchase a total of 6.

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