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Wild Rider

Training Pouch

Training Pouch

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Something you didn't know you needed until now...

Our new Training Pouch is designed to be your next best training tool for you and your pet, whether it's with your horse, dog or any animal! And a fantastic way to get the most out of your training sessions by allowing you to be hands-free.

Every Training Pouch is equipped with a quality clip which securely clips to your belt, pants or even to the tack on your horse when riding. 

What makes our Pouch special is the magnetic closure which is easy to use but makes it more difficult for prying snoots to access, while also keeping all the inside goodies secure. 

Easy to clean

Made from food-safe silicone, the Wild Rider Training Pouch is super easy to clean: simply turn it inside out and wash with water! 


13cm L   x  11cm H  x  4cm W

What else can I put in my Training Pouch?

There's many things you can put in your Pouch such as; wet or dry food, your dog's leash if you're too lazy to carry it, a tennis ball, car keys, or even doggy doodoo bags. The possibilities are endless!!

Why get one when there's more colours to chose from!

Gorgeous Pink Pouch photos by @luckyetica on instagram

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