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Wild Rider

Tassel Neck Rope - "SAHARA"

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Paracord Colour

Versatile, Functional and a Work of Art ...

Our neck ropes can be used for many things:

  • Tackless / free riding
  • Liberty and groundwork
  • Everyday training and riding
  • Accessory/decor for photoshoots
  • As an "oh Crap" strap (Kind of like the Jesus bar in a car) for extra security

Neck ropes (also known as cordeos) can be a really fun and great way to bond with your horse. Why not try something new?

Sizing ...

For a more in-depth guide to sizing, read our guide here ☞ Neck Rope Size Guide





130cm 51"


145cm 57"


160cm 63"


175cm 69"

If you're in need of a custom size, let us know in the comments section of your order or simply contact us here to confirm.

Made from a beautiful 12mm double braided rope with a gorgeous sheen and manufactured with love here in Australia.

Handmade in Australia ...

The rope itself is manufactured in Australia, and all rope products are made by me. The rope has a soft touch which only gets better with use.

Rope that's designed to take a beating from us equestrians ...

Our rope is designed to take a beating from us equestrians (we deserve it) You'll find it's soft, durable and super strong. It's colourfast, hand-washable, UV resistant and long-lasting, too. 


Colors may vary due to lighting and differences in dye batches.

Our Training Pouches are the perfect accessory to use with your new neck rope, they're available in 4 different colours to up your Matchy game, you can shop for them here ☞ Wild Rider Training Pouch